How do we work with Manufacturers ?

What’s BRIDGR?

BRIDGR aims at simplifying life for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. We help identify your problems and find the right solution, with flexibility and at lower cost, to improve your operation performance and achieve your business goals.


We help you identify your problems and solve them with the support of experts in line with your needs and your corporate culture. BRIDGR offers various project management tools for an efficient collaboration as well as a selected panel of effective technologies to boost your productivity.


Finding the right expert costs you much time and energy? BRIDGR enables you to find the right expert in just a few clicks.

Cost Savings:

Looking for a fair and transparent pricing? We offer fast and easy payment covering only the expert’s fees, with no hidden costs.


Our experts are carefully selected. We are looking for professionals with a wealth of technical expertise and great personal qualities.


BRIDGR does not only focus on finding an expert with the right technical skills but also with the ability to adapt to your corporate culture.

Who are our experts?

BRIDGR helps you solve your problems through the actions and support of experts or by connecting you with the right technology providers to improve your productivity. We offer experts with highly diversified professional profiles and fields of expertise, from lean manufacturing to safety and health at work. 

BRIDGR’s experts come from around the world, and most of them are multilingual and are carefully and rigorously selected. They all have an average of 5-7 years of experience (minimum 2 years). Moreover, we implemented a rating system for you to evaluate them, allowing you as well to have feedbacks from other manufacturers.

In addition to the experts’ support, BRIDGR gives you access to technology suppliers enabling you to increase your productivity. We are constantly looking for the most effective technologies and innovative solutions available in the market for the best price.

Their Expertises

Business Strategy
& management

From innovation, IT strategy to governance, we help you reach an efficient business management model.

Customer Engagement

Sales strategy and marketing in distribution. We help you engage and attract your customers to increase your sales.

Product Dev. and innovation

Product lifecycle management to lean engineering. We help you manage and develop your products.

Supply chain
& operations

From supply chain transformation to logistics and distribution strategy, we help you improve your performance.

Process (1/2)

1/ Identifying your challenges

We are working closely with you to help you define your challenges. We offer a free one-hour consultation when you register to help you find the best offer, matching your needs. If necessary, we can provide you with an in-depth diagnosis of your operations.

2/ Choose and collaborate with your expert

Once the issue has been identified, we offer several profiles with professional and personal qualities matching your challenges and your corporate reality. If new technologies are required to be implemented, we will connect you with our technology providers. Then, to ease your collaboration, BRIDGR offers you its project management platform and all its collaborative tools.

Process (2/2)

3/ “On-demand” expertise

When a project is not clearly identified and you require ongoing support, BRIDGR enables you to ask questions, anytime, anywhere, to an expert panel available for you. A one-hour consultation is dedicated to you by a qualified expert. At any time, BRIDGR is here to help you with your daily decisions.

4/ Simple payment by instalment 

No more worries about your expert’s fees. Choose between an instalment-based payments in a specific project or a predefined package for ongoing support. BRIDGR will do the rest!
Moreover with BRIDGR, there are no hidden fees. From the beginning, you will know how much you will pay knowing that the expert pricing is in line with your reality.

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