Industry 4.0
Enter Industrial Modernity

In this white-paper, you will discover what Industry 4.0 is, how the concept was born, what technologies it contains, and the challenges and benefits that come with it.

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Written by: Simon Durivage, Clémentine Roy (BRIDGR) and Amira Boutouchent (BRIDGR)

Fourth industrial revolution, what else ?

The fourth industrial revolution, which makes factories more productive, more flexible, more competitive, has already conquered the planet, becoming a priority for most governments. It is important for companies to get in as quickly as possible to avoid losing competitiveness in the global market.

The purpose of this study is to tell you everything about this new industrial revolution that you can not escape.

Through a multitude of examples, you will learn why it is essential for manufacturers to enter the era of what is called Industry 4.0. We will also explain what are the technologies behind this revolution and how they work. Finally, we will give you an update on the benefits and challenges that come with it .

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