How do we collaborate with you, Expert !

What is BRIDGR ?

BRIDGR is a platform that helps experts find and collaborate with small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to solve their operational challenges. Our goal is to offer you missions in line with your skills and personality.

What is a BRIDGR Expert?

Consultant :

Totally Independent or just side-worker
Independent consultants are often confronted with two major problems: finding contracts on a sustainable basis and getting paid on time. Also, several experts are hesitant to be freelancers because of all the implied administrative modalities. A BRIDGR expert is a consultant with at least two years experience willing to work on manufacturing projects according to her/his availabilities and interests. A BRIDGR expert can be an independent worker or a full/part time employee looking for some side work.

Technology Provider :

At BRIDGR, technology is important
Looking for new customers? New markets? Competition is tough and companies no longer want to listen to your pitches? Want to do more promotion but you have neither the budget for nor the time? BRIDGR understands you!
Today, the market is flooded with new technologies that offer more or less the same services. This makes manufacturers skeptical about offers. BRIDGR allows you to extend your reach and visibility thanks to its platform with the manufacturers.


Because you are looking for new opportunities to grow and, like us, are eager for new challenges. Our mission is to offer stimulating projects, both locally and internationally, with a flexible and dynamic framework. BRIDGR aims to simplify your life and work.

Effectiveness :

47% of independent experts admit that they have difficulty finding mandates. At BRIDGR, we strive to simplify your life by providing you projects with a few clicks. No more hours of research, we offer you projects that fit your capacity as well as your personality.

Trust :

BRIDGR rigorously manage the compensation process, and eliminates the struggle to get your paychecks. Together, we will define your pay frequency and ensure the funds get deposited right into your bank account.

Productivity :

Our project management tools and platform allow you to manage your tasks, documents or customers in a simple, agile and secure way.

Collaboration :

With BRIDGR, you have the opportunity to collaborate with other experts on similar projects or sometimes on collaborative projects. If a client asks you for advice outside of your field of expertise, you can simply ask our team of experts and quickly get to your client.

How does BRIDGR work?

Our way is simple: we are present during all the stages of your mission. We take care of the first contact with the companies in order to identify their challenges and potential axes of development. According to their aspirations, we look for an expert capable of solving their problem(s), understand their goals and help them grow.

Our online management tool, the BRIDGR platform, helps you succeed by facilitating your exchanges with the client, but also with our team. We promote collaborative work, sharing and communication to achieve your mission in optimal conditions.

The stages of a BRIDGR project

1- Problem Identification:

Our team meets the manufacturer to make an initial inventory of its needs. In addition to establishing this first contact, we conduct a preliminary diagnosis to collect performance data and identify an action plan that fits its reality. If the company so wishes, we can make a thorough diagnosis of its operations before calling on you – the expert – to help it solve the identified problems.

3- Payment by installments:

At the beginning of the mission, the team formed by the company and the expert defines the project payment terms. This is done online, in a simple and fast way, thanks to our project management platform. BRIDGR ensures that the compensation process runs smoothly.

2/ Connection with the company:

The first step allowed us to reveal the skills required by the expert. We then propose a first selection of experts’ profiles to the company. Within this selection, each expert is distinguished by his personal qualities and his professional aspirations. During this stage, we promote the best match between experts’ profiles and companies.

4- Project implementation:

We encourage optimal collaboration between you and the company via the BRIDGR platform. Our goal is to create a group dynamic between the company, yourself and our team, based on communication and sharing. We provide you with the BRIDGR platform which offers various project management tools in order to optimize your productivity.

The BRIDGR Platform

We offer a work platform to manage your projects more easily and efficiently. The purpose of this tool is to facilitate communication between you and the company as well as increase your productivity, in a collaborative environment.

Task management:

The task management system we provide helps you define goals and tasks to achieve and then monitor the progress of these tasks.

Time Management:

The calendar is shared between you and the client. Anyone can add or change appointments and deadlines for each step of the project. A timer tool is also available to help calculate your work time for each task.

Communication Management:

In order to optimize the communication between you and the client, the BRIDGR platform allows both parties to talk via an online chat. The platform also provides you with a dedicated section to share documents.

Payment Management:

The BRIDGR platform provides you with tools for every stage of the project. This also takes into account the payment of the working hours granted by the expert on the project. Payment are jointly defined by you and the company. BRIDGR also handles financial transactions.

How to become a BRIDGR Expert?

The values fit between the expert and the company is of utmost importance to us. That’s why our selection process focuses on your skills and experience as well as your personality and human qualities. We apply the same characteristic to experts and to technology providers.

Who you are ?

During an initial interview, we will evaluate your skills and your professional experience. If you are a technology provider, we will learn more about your business.

What motivates you ?

We would like to know more about you, your career objectives and your interests in order to identify what type of company might suit you during a mission.

Become a BRIDGR expert*:

Expert or technology provider, you have the choice to accept or refuse a mission. During the implementation of the project, the BRIDGR team is present for you from the beginning to the end to facilitate your exchanges with the company, encourage collaboration and manage your compensation.

* If you are a technology provider, the use of our platform is not mandatory, contact us for more info

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