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Complete our assessment and get automatically your digital maturity level and an adapted action plan.

What impact will this assessment have on my business?

This auto-assessment tool provides you with a practical framework for improving your company's digital strategy, planning and operations.

Why take the Digital Maturity Assessment?

  • Identify the real needs in terms of digital and technology
  • Clearly define your digital transformation strategy
  • Deploy your digital roadmap
  • Build a culture of innovation

Evaluate your digital maturity level for free to help you in your decision making.


The digital maturity index corresponds to the level where your company currently stands in terms of IT usage. The objective of this tool is to better understand your company’s digital needs.

Developed in association with researchers from the Université Polytechnique Montréal and the Université de Troyes in France, the methodology put in place to perform a complete maturity assessment aims to examine all the critical dimensions of an organization in order to detect real opportunities for growth and development for the company.

B-evaluated takes the form of a drawer-based questionnaire, with questions appearing one after the other under conditions. BRIDGR has developed scoring and recommendation algorithms that automate and make an intelligent business assessment with an emphasis on the customer experience, making it easy and intuitive to use.

Digital Maturity Assessment is a continuous process that covers all dimensions of an organization.

To successfully transform your business, the Digital Maturity Assessment is the first step in your transformation strategy. It is important to realize that you will need to change your entire organizational structure and put in place processes around data. In other words, the interest of the digital maturity concept explains that the mere use of digital tools is not enough, it must be accompanied by a powerful digital culture.

Digital maturity means being able to adapt well to the changes taking place in our environment.

With a commitment to guide Canadian companies to be more competitive and efficient, B-Evaluated aims to make concrete and personalized roadmaps accessible to decision-makers.

Why use it?
-Smart and digital tool based on artificial intelligence;
-Continuous integration with the evolution of a company;
-Access to a score and a personalized evaluation.

What are the benefits?
-Identification of an adapted digital roadmap;
-Recommendations of real-time solutions;
-Comparison with other organizations within the same industry.

B-Evaluated is based on five dimensions of digital transformation defined by a set of more than 100 attributes:

– Strategy and Leadership: The evolution of an organization depends first of all on the decisions of its leaders, but also on the implementation of a strategic plan and associated budgets. Are the objectives aligned with the future of the industry?

– IT infrastructure and data: Data is ubiquitous in today’s world, but is it being used to address the most complex and critical challenges to support the organization’s development?

– Operations and Processes: The ambition of any company is to create better experiences for its customers and employees. Are the processes in place agile, efficient and resilient in the face of technology shock?

– Technologies and services: The adoption and application of new technologies within the company play a role in the functioning of the company. Do the services put in place enable the development of new intelligent products/services?

– Culture and innovation: Productivity is the result of many complex factors that are closely interconnected with the company’s culture. Is the workforce in place today ready for the changes to come?

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