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In the current unprecedented context, where the health of our employees, suppliers, acquaintances and relatives comes first, we must still run the machine and ensure its operations so as not to bear the full brunt of this new crisis.

[COVID-19] <br> Speed up the digitalization of your SME for free </h1>

Support plan for SMEs

With the help of our partners, we provide you with a free support plan to help you immediately meet your operational needs by digitizing your processes.

Free 30 minutes

At the end of the 30 minutes you will receive a recommendation by email in response to your concerns

Free platform

We provide you with our matching platform for 1 project to digitize your operations for free!

Free Resources

You will be matched with one of our 900 technological suppliers for the implementation of the recommendations identified !


Once the plan is in place, we have hourly plans to train and support you – more info during the call!


We work with quality partners to support you better.


Clinics available until April 30st, 2020

What expertise could you benefit from?

Our network of more than 900 Experts and Technological Suppliers
is available for the following categories :

Work from Home

Work from home and connectivity around it (tool, software, IoT, networks, security, etc.)

Digitization plan

Set up a digital plan to alleviate the current crisis

Customers / Suppliers

digital management of customers and/or suppliers

Supply Chain

Remote supply chain management


Implementation of an e-commerce website

Our experts adapt
to your need

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your digitization partner

At BRIDGR, we have been specializing in digital transformation for 4 years, offering a virtual hub where companies can identify and collaborate with the main experts and technology providers required to make this change. Today BRIDGR has more than 900 providers and qualified experts at your disposal to better manage this crisis!

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We are currently all remote, but we are still committed to provide you all the support that you need.. 

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