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supercharge their assessment workflows

Unleash the possibilities with Bridgr: Leverage the wisdom of your experts and respond to the needs of your clients in 1/4th of the time

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Leverage the wisdom of your experts and empower them with tools that help them unlock your organizations full potential.

Automation for unparalleled productivity and success

Streamline your entire workflow and say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to a seamless, cohesive system that optimizes your business processes.

Collaborate and maximize your team's potential

Optimize efficiency across various tasks, enabling your team to collaborate seamlessly and focus on achieving outstanding outcomes.

Boost revenue with data-driven precision

Through data-driven precision, elevate customer experience, encourage recurrent business, and ultimately, maximize revenue potential.

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Solution 1 : Lead Generation

Revolutionize the way you engage with your leads

Experience a personalized landing page, meticulously designed to complement the distinct identity of your organization firm.

Utilize our smart questionnaire to gain profound insights into your clients’ needs and personalities before conducting audits, enabling you to identify the best possible match effortlessly.

Our intelligent scoring system ensures seamless alignment between your clients’ needs and optimal solutions and resources.

Revolutionize client engagement with our state-of-the-art recommendation algorithm, delivering invaluable insights and real-time status updates like never before.

Harness the potential of our customized data to elevate your marketing strategies, maximizing your firm’s performance and success.

Solution 2 : Process Automation

Increase the efficiency of your processs

Harness the power of personalized, AI-powered online assessments to gather focused and meaningful data from your clients through one click. 

Generates comprehensive, customized recommendations and scores, empowering you with instant actionable insights the moment the client enters their data.

Effortlessly create comprehensive reports, including visualized data, performance metrics, and actionable recommendations. This feature streamlines the process, saving you time and allowing you to focus on driving growth and success

Consolidate your team’s knowledge and expertise in a single, accessible hub. Preserve valuable insights and ensure smooth knowledge transfer within your organization.

Embrace a new era of seamless collaboration, bringing together team members and your entire organization. Streamline processes, fuel collaboration, and unleash the potential for unprecedented results.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an assessment for BRIDGR ?

An assessment is unique in that, in addition to answering questions, respondents can receive direct feedback from you. If surveys are a one-way flow of information, assessments are more like a conversation. After your respondent answers your question, they immediately receive feedback from you based on their answers.

For BRIDGR, an assessment serves as a framework for conducting evaluations and is typically created by the evaluator. This framework is a tool-driven process that utilizes a specific methodology, technical expertise, and a series of interactions to measure progress with the goal of enhancing performance.

What is an evaluation for BRIDGR ?

An evaluation refers to a completed assessment, which occurs when a person or group of people (such as employees) respond to a questionnaire. Additionally, we incorporate third-party data into our evaluation process when necessary. These inputs are then fed into our engine, which operates on a scoring system and a client-specific workflow. The engine generates various outputs, including recommendations sourced from our knowledge base, downloadable deliverables, and dashboards.

Is it possible to use your own questionnaires?

Of course! The BRIDGR framework adapts to most questionnaires and practices.  We will provide you with a dedicated resource throughout the implementation to help you adapt your assessment to the intelligent framework that BRIDGR offers.

Are there any pre-filled templates?

BRIDGR and its partners offer several templates, including the Digital Score, a digital maturity tool.

To access the full list of templates, please contact our sales team: hello@bridgr.co

Will my client know that I used Bridgr for the assessment?

Your platform can be fully customized with your branding, ensuring a seamless and cohesive experience. However, please note that there will be a ‘Powered by BRIDGR’ attribution on the platform. This allows us to continue providing you with top-notch support and innovative features while maintaining transparency

What industries is this designed for ?

Our solution is designed primarily for organizations that require client, member, or employee assessments. This includes consulting firms, industry-focused associations, and more. We cater to a wide range of industries that rely on insightful assessments to drive growth and success.

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