🚀 BRIDGR Announces Completion of $1.6m Seed Round

The platform that helps

to supercharge their consulting workflow

With BRIDGR, automate your audits, roadmaps’ generation and your follow-ups.

Auto-generated recommendations

Generate roadmaps automatically without human assistance.

Real-time results

A gamified experience that allows test takers to instantly access their personalized results and reports.

An adaptive framework

Automate your consulting practice with an intelligent framework and a dynamic questionnaire.

Knowledge base

Protect the corporate memory of your company and your teams.

Some happy customers

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to have a dedicated sub-domain?

Yes, you can have a separate instance with your own domain name which will be as follows: YourName.bridgr.co. If you wish to have a sub-domain YourName.com, this offer is not yet available.

Are there any pre-filled templates?

BRIDGR and its partners offer several templates, including the Digital Score, a digital maturity tool.

To access the full list of templates, please contact our sales team: hello@bridgr.co

We are a consulting firm, is it possible to use our own questionnaires?

Of course! The BRIDGR framework adapts to most questionnaires and practices.  We will provide you with a dedicated resource throughout the implementation to help you adapt your audit to the intelligent framework that BRIDGR offers.

How long does it take to implement my assessment?

If all the required informations are ready, we can make it happen within 4 weeks after closing our partnership.

We are a company and want to evaluate our employees. How do we do this?

Depending on whether you have a questionnaire or wish to have access to our templates, our sales team will propose the most appropriate option for your needs and the size of your company, you can reach us through our contact form.

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